This is pricing information specifically made for character illustrations. If you’re here to get a non-commercial, proper illustration of your fictional characters (RP characters, from your own works, etc.), you’re at the right place! I can also do fanart of your favorite fandoms and fan-characters!

Terms of Service
Full payment upfront. No refunds. Once the sketch is completed, it will require your approval before moving onto lineart. Only during the sketch phase can I edit it to your liking. Once I start the lineart, you cannot ask for any edits or additions, because it is harder to edit once I have begun the lineart phase.

I accept most commission requests.

I can draw:
Any gender
Dynamic poses
Fan art/original/human references
Couple poses in any gender combination!

I can attempt: (i am not the best at these, but I will try)

I will not accept sexual/gorey commissions of minors!!

Copyright & Use:
All these simple character illustrations will serve non-commercial purposes. You can not print and resell the artworks as physical merchandise or digital copies of it. You can not claim it as your own.
You can however edit/alter them for your personal galleries, forum banners, avatars, etc. Credit with link to my URL if you can!
I reserve the right to display the art I created as examples of my artwork.

Send me a mail with your character(s) reference(s) and the style you would like used. I can work from text only, but please be very detailed in your description. Visual references preferred. Include actions/expressions, etc. Let me know up front if you have a certain time frame you’d like the artwork completed by. I will then accept or decline the commission.
I will give you a price, then send you an invoice if I accept your commission.

All payments will be made via PayPal.
All prices are in USD.
All art must be paid upfront. The full, agreed price! (Any tips are appreciated.)
Once everything is paid, I will start working on your artwork.

Example of a headshot
Example of a waist-up commission.

Full-body example.