Site History

The Zoids Evolution website,, was originally created and ran by Duowolf. It was the combined content of two freesites she ran on Angelfire, "Red River Base" and "Backdraft HQ". On February 18, 2003, Duowolf registered a message board on Proboards called... Zoids Evolution! in preperation for the opening of the domain later that year.

The Forums are where most of the history lies as far as I (Jammer Lea) am concerned. I joined shortly after the community was opened and it grew rather quickly. We had many younger members join the board, I tried to help out and explain things, which later got me a position as a moderator along with Duowolf's friend Schala85.

Soon we had members join who wanted an RPG forum for the board. A few of these members were ones who had previously tried roleplaying at MMM, but didn't make the cut. Thus, Duowolf worked out rules for a simpler RPG and appointed Sephiroth and DarkSpiner as the moderators. This RPG also brought in a number of members who enjoyed the less strict RPG system.

By June one of the new members, then posting under the handle of VanZero and later as DueroTycoon, offered to host the message board on his own server space. With the excitement of moving and leaving an ad supported board, Duowolf closed the proboard forums and the community moved to the DeuroTycoon's server. From here it grew even more, and more moderators were added to the board staff. During this time the domain was growing as well. Zoids Fuzors started airing on Cartoon Network, so that was another section of Zoids information for Duowolf to function on.

Unfortunately during that time the community also fell apart. One time DueroTycoon tried to update the the system and it accidentally wiped everything, another time he accidentally deleted the forums. Needless to say, many members became unhappy, and in various cases unreasonable, showing more contempt for Duero than he deserved. During the time, due to some personal issues, Duowolf retreated from the internet to deal with them, leaving only Duero to admin the community. In dealing with many troublemakers, I actually gave up my position as moderator for a period. Eventually Duero had enough and decided to permanently remove the community from his servers.

From there, one of Duero's friends, then known as Zelos, currently as Shrike Flamestar, took command of the community. He registered a new account at Proboards and many members rejoined there, including myself. Unfortunately it wasn't long before the account was hacked and had everything deleted. After that, Shrike registered a forum at InvisionFree.

All of this happened within 17 months.

The community stabilized on InvisionFree. Members and staff members came and went over the next few years. Some veteran members from the original proboards remained. There was some angst and drama now and then, but overall a good handful of members have remained. In December of 2004, Shrike decided to step down as Head Admin and the rest of the staff voted me in as the new Head Admin.

As for the website itself, in 2004 Duowolf decided to redo the site, so everything was down. Due to a hurricane in 2005, her computer was fried and she lost all of her content. She decided then to give up on maintaining the website. A few desires and attempts to restart or replace the website came about, but none really came to fruitation. Not having any access to the account without Duowolf, the domain name later expired and has since been parked, unavailable for purchase. After some inner debating, I finally decided to take the initiative and register a new domain to try to fill in for the old domain and once again provide the community with a home.

After setting up this site, the question came up as whether or not to move the forums to the same domain as the website, even though it would require starting over once again, since we could not acquire any backups from the InvisionFree board. The pros outweighed the cons though, such as we can backup the boards now. So the community moved, once more, to a new SMF system forum on the domain.

And here we are!

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