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Anime Background
"Zoids" is the first animated series to be based upon the Tomy toyline of wind-up model kits. It is also the longest running Zoids animated series with a total of 67 episodes. It aired from September 1999 to December 2000 in Japan. In North America the show was licensed by Viz Media and called "Zoids Chaotic Century". Its sequel season is sometimes affectionately referred to as "Guardian Force" by fans. Having only been titled "Zoids" in Japan, it's often referred to as "Classic Zoids". The two seasons are considered one entire series.

Plot Summary
The story of Chaotic Century is somewhat related to the Zoids model battle story, with various battle story characters showing up throughout the series. However, it's not as complex and it's more exaggerated concerning the appearances of large, deadly Zoids which threaten the whole planet.

Van Fleiheit, along with his friend Fiona and his Organoid Zeke, are the main characters in this story. They quickly get involved in the war between the Helic Republic and the Guylos Empire, and through incredible luck they help both sides work to defeat the terrible Zoids that appear.

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