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Fiona Alisia Linette

Alternate Spellings: Fiona Elisi Linette/Lynette
Japanese Name: フィーネ・エレシーヌ・リネ (Fine Eleceene Lyney)
Voice Actors: 大本眞基子 (Makiko Ohmoto), Carol-Anne Day
First Appearance: Episode 01/02

Chaotic Century: Innocent and pure-hearted, Fiona is awakened from a capsule by Van. However, she has no memory of why she was there, where she's from, or who she is! Van takes her and Zeke back to his place, and after some bandits attack to take Zeke, they leave in hopes of recovering Fiona's memories.

While visiting some ruins, Fiona ends up recalling the term "Zoid Eve", and thus on they search for information relating to it. She also seems to have a special connection with Zeke, the organoid. She is the only person he'll listen to over what Van says.

Guardian Force: Still knowing next to nothing about her past, besides that she's an Ancient Zoidian, Fiona rejoins Van with the formation of the Guardian Force. She's not as innocent or naive as before, but she's still generally good-natured and resourceful. Soon her role as an Ancient Zoidian comes back into play as they meet new enemies threatening not just the Empire and the Republic, but the human world as they know it.


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