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Van Fleiheit

Alternate Spellings: Van Flyheight
Japanese Name: バン・フライハイト (Ban/Bang Freiheit)
Voice Actors: 岸尾大輔 (Daisuke Kishio), Matthew Erickson
First Appearance: Episode 01

Chaotic Century: Young and impatient, Van Fleiheit is from a humble village called the Wind Colony. Always curious and always getting into trouble, Van discovers a couple pods hidden in some old ruins. One opens up to be Zeke, the other Fiona. Along with acquiring an old Shield Liger, Van soon departs on a big adventure to learn more about his new friends and the mystery behind them.

Guardian Force: After his adventure in Chaotic Century, Van joined the Republican Army to better hone his skills. Just a Lieutenant, he's recruited to serve in the newly formed Guardian Force - a special team put together by both the Republican and Imperial armies to protect their countries. More serious and responsible, Van once again finds himself getting swept into another big adventure.

Zoids Piloted: Shield Liger, Blade Liger.


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