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Alternate Spellings: Zeek
Japanese Name: ジーク (Sieg)
Voice Actors: 鈴木琢磨 (Takuma Suzuki), Dave Pettitt
First Appearance: Episode 01

Chaotic Century: Zeke is a small Zoid known as an Organoid. Carrying a lot more personality and freewill than most Zoids, Zeke joins up with Van and helps make Van into a great pilot. Zeke can merge with a Zoid to assist in bringing out its full potential. Though trustworthy, Zeke is also a little goofy and easily spooked.

Guardian Force: Not much has changed with Zeke in the Guardian Force season. He's still following Van around and helping out, though Van doesn't need to rely on Zeke as much as he did in the past.


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