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Over the years there have been a number of Zoids comics, manga series and even illustrated novels. Here is a list of the various titles that exist. We don't have a lot of information on some of these series, but we'll try to flesh them out as much as we can. As a note, the Zoids graphic novel dates are listed from their book's publication, not the original serialization of the series.

Zoids Marvel UK Comic (1986-1987)

Zoids Corp!! Special Attack Unit

Beast Machines New Century Zoids
Alt: Zoids Chaotic Century (2002-2003)

Zoids New Century SLASH ZERO (2001)
Alt: Zoids New Century (2002)

Zoids Battler Raiga

Zoids Battle Card Warrior Commander Teru
Alt: Zoids Commander Teru

Zoids Planet Zi
Alt: Zoids Zi

Iron Soul!! Zoids Core Competition

Zoids Generations

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