Author Topic: Battle of the mountain summit  (Read 7999 times)


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Battle of the mountain summit
« on: August 02, 2009, 03:33:18 AM »
Setting: A plateau and surrounding canyons of Mt. Isolena, the fog is light but restricts visibility to about 500m in the canyons and 2000m on the flats, at best. The sun-rise shines low fromt he horizon, finding gaps in the fog. Making patches of blinding light rays and in other spots elongated, contorted shadows of the surounding land features... The air is cold and still and still as Kerrigan sits at the foot of his SSS, his small camp stove heating him a hot cup of coffee. Maybe someone might find him here, have a drink, a talk and maybe a bit of fun afterwards? He always did wonder why he always made a 2nd cup for the hypothetical guest whome almost never eventuated.... Stjärna curled up on the oposing side of the stove, growling softly. The blue light of the butane flame causing his paint to glow an eerie green...
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