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Alternate Spellings: Burêdo
Japanese Name: ブレード(Blade)
Voice Actors: 間島淳司 (Junji Majima), Brian Drummond
First Appearance: Episode 01

RD's rival, Blake, seems to have serious issues with RD. It is for this reason that he's a part of Mach Storm's rival team: Savage Hammer. Blake seems to want nothing but to surpass RD as the best pilot around. At first, he pilots the Berserk Fury and fuses with Luke's Buster Eagle to form Buster Fury. Eventually, however, this zoid is destroyed and he uses the Gairyuki. He seems close to no one, though he begins to form a close bond with Luke. As things progress in the series more is explained about Blake's role in Savage Hammer.

Zoids Piloted: Berserk Fury (While fused: Buster Fury), Gairyuki (Hien, Gekkou, Raiden.)
Fuzor Partners: Buster Eagle. Dispelow, Evo Flyer.


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