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"Zoids Chuuou Tairiku no Tatakai" or "Zoid Central Continent War" is a roleplaying game for the NES. It was released on September 5th in 1987. The player controls a Gojulas sprite, and after talking to the President of the Republic, moves through a garden of fellow Republican Zoids and out into the field where Imperial Zoids surround to attack! I'm not entirely sure on the plot of the game, I just know that the president requests some mission of the player.

In the field, little Imperial Zoid sprites will try to follow the player. If one catches up, a screen will pop up showing what Zoids you will be battling. You can choose to fight or try to run away. The battles themselves require scrolling around 360 degrees to find and then fire upon the enemies. The enemies are shown on a radar in the lower left box along with your Zoid's HP bars. The lower right box shows the results at the end of a battle.

Thank you for coming.
まずは だいとうりょうに おあいください。
First, please meet with the President.

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