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"Zoids Densetsu" or "Zoids Legend" is a Gameboy game that was released circa 1990. It's a side scroller game. The player can choose to play as either the Republic or the Empire. Each allignment has three Zoids for the player to use, starting with the weakest Zoid first. There are different levels for the player to progress through. When all three Zoids are destroyed, it's game over.

During the game, you can pick up little tokens that will either add to your health points or increase your firepower. It's a pretty simple game overall. Unfortunately I'm terrible at these sort of side scrolling games, so I can't seem to get past the second level.

The Republic

Shield Liger - HP: 2/6

Gojulas - HP: 4/6

Mad Thunder - HP: 6/6

The Empire

Great Sabre - HP: 2/6

Iron Kong - HP: 4/6

Death Saurer - HP: 6/6

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