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Official Sites
Zoids Ultimate Web Zoids Ultimate Web is the official site of TakaraTomy's Zoids. Includes news and updates on the franchise. (Japanese)
ShoPro's ZOIDS The History of TV Animation Official site of ShoPro's Zoids animated TV programs. (Japanese)
General Information
Channel Zi is nice collection of information especially on the older series.
Creative Insanity's Zoids section has information about Battlestories as well as fan work and summaries by the author.
Liger's Union contains some info on series, model reviews, a public fan art gallery and screencaps among other things.
Momonga! is a zoid fansite with a but of battlestory info as well as a list of zoids.
Sieg. nu is a Zoids card game and doujinshi gallery. Lots of images of the Zoids card game and some information on doujinshi based on Zoids. is an informative site on rare and older zoids. Lots of nice reviews on individual zoid models.
Stompy's site of custom CGI Zoids. He's very talented, definitely worth seeing!
ZoidsPoison is a large Singapore-based Zoids website with a large community and up-to-date info on new Zoids events and releases.
Zoidstar hosts the entire Zoids comic published by Marvel UK as well as Zoids Monthly. Well worth checking out!
Character Shrines
A website dedicated to O'Connell from Zoids Chaotic Century/Guardian Force.
Lightning Saix! is website dedicated to Jack Sisco from Zoids New Century Zero.
A website dedicated to Karl Lichen Shubaltz/Schwarz from Zoids Chaotic Century/Guardian Force.
A fanlisting dedicated to Irvine from Zoids Chaotic Century.

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