Monthly Zoids Graphics

Beginning in January 2008 TakaraTomy began a line of reissues called Monthly Zoids Graphics. These reissues were of the Original Japanese Releases of many zoids. Each issue contained a booklet with extensive information regarding the history and backstory of Zoids. Each box also came with bonus parts such as a base, extra soldiers, or weaponry. The line ended in 2008 with the release of the final Graphics Ex Zoid, Orudios.

Takara-Tomy has also released a line of Monthly Zoid Graphics Extra. These are reissues of classic zoids. Only two zoids were released as part of this line. Gungyarados/Gungyalados and Orudios.

Zoids Graphics Volume # Zoid Release Date
Zoids Graphics Vol. 1 Godos January 2008
Zoids Graphics Vol. 2 Helcat February 2008
Zoids Graphics Vol. 3 Malder March 2008
Zoids Graphics Vol. 4 Snakes April 2008
Zoids Graphics Vol. 5 Twin Horn May 2008
Zoids Graphics Vol. 6 Guysack June 2008
Zoids Graphics Vol. 7 Sea Panther July 2008
Zoids Graphics Vol. 8 Pteras August 2008
Zoids Graphics Vol. 9 Hammer Rock September 2008
Zoids Graphics Vol. 10 Lidier October 2008
Zoids Graphics Extra Vol. # Zoid Release Date
Zoids Graphics Extra Vol. 1 Gungyarados June 2008
Zoids Graphics Extra Vol. 2 Orudios October 2008

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